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A new project…

Posted: September 24, 2010 by xGHOVOx in Film, music, nerdcore

Hey guys!

So things have been quite hectic over here at NerdyNorth the past few weeks. Fear of Living is pretty much coming to a close on Post-Production, I showed a cut to Robin on Tuesday and he had a few changes so I’ve been working on those and now we have 3 different cuts I’m showing to him tomorrow, then when it’s just touching up some minor errors before we start shooting it around to people!

So, now for the title of this here post; we have quite a few projects coming up. And when I say quite a few, I mean a lot. Quite a few would describe what I’m going to be doing with Robin (who penned Fear of Living) and some people he (/we) knows. I’m not really too sure if I can talk about them ATM so I’ll leave it at this; theres a few of them, they all vary quite a bit in style and what they are so watch this space and Robin’s blog for more info!

The other upcoming projects are some of my own. I recently came across some old script ideas I wrote down once and I’m starting to put some of them together into stuff I can actually make. Most of these are short films (some longer than others) but three aren’t.

The first is COLOURFUL. I’ve mentioned this before and it’s a feature script I’m writing. Very slowly and at time of writing it’s very rough, very long and needs serious changing, but that’s kinda the point of this project.

The second is TRAINS. This is my ultimate pet project, I have a history with this script and even though I am constantly adding to it and to be honest it’s ready to film. BUT like I said this is a pet project so I wouldn’t really consider making it until I’m 100% happy with the script and I have money to actually do this properly. So it could be made any time between next week or 10 years. I can’t promise this means it’ll be a good film, nut I can promise it will be made and it’ll be made with people I trust and know. The idea now with it is to wait until I’ve worked a few jobs and then bring in EVERYONE I’ve worked with to take part.

The Nerdy Truth!

The final project doesn’t have a name yet, but it’s really something that’s come to me over the past few days.

I’m a geek. This blog is called NerdyNorth and I operate under the production name of NerdyNorth Productions, so you may have got the idea that I’m a bit geeky. And because of this I’ve had two sort of half projects in the back of my mind for months. One is a documentary about Geekdom in it’s full. Every part of what it means to be a geek. The second is a comedy series that shows geeks properly. We’ve always been sort of stereotyped in mainstream TV shows and I don’t think it betrays us properly, so I had the idea of writing something that would.

Now, none of these I think would really work on there own. So, lets put them together. A project that is half documentary about being a geek, half narrative comedy. Now I know this is kinda weird, but just think about it for a second. You have someone explaining comics, and why they appeal to us, and then we have a scene showing it in a comedy narrative that will go on to be a story.

Here’s why I’ve posted this on here; I need some help, in every way possible, I need help writing both sides of the project. I’m not all knowledgeable and so I need people to help me pick what goes in it what what to say about it. On the flip side, I’m not a very good writer, and I’m not funny so anyone that feels like writing a comedy series with lots of nerdy references and jokes the this may be the job for you! If you’re interested just because you work on one side doesn’t mean you have to work on the other but it also means you are limited to one side.

The final part of my Nerd project. I wanna make the music on this special, special as in I wanna use particularly nerdy music. I want nerdcore and lots of it. I want geeky rock (In the JoCo/Marian Call/Paul & Storm vein) and lots of it. I want this to be a project geeks can look at and be proud of as a way to describe them and their lifestyle perfectly.

So if you have any interest in being part of THIS nerdy project please, hit me up! Email me at: or on twitter: @nerdynorth

That’s all for now, so, please hit me up!



Fear Of Living Update/NerdyNorth Productions

Posted: September 15, 2010 by xGHOVOx in album, Film, music, nerdcore

OK so, last week I told you about a little short film I was doing called ‘Fear of Living’ well on Friday it was filmed. And was possibly the smoothest filming I’ve done to date. We started about 11:30 and were out by about 4:30. I started the edit on Monday and the whole thing just came together perfectly. I only did half an hour and sorted out the two longest scenes last night. I’m just sorta taking it slow (Very slow, I’d normally be done by now) and making sure everything is perfect. I should be done by Friday if everything goes to plan, which is to do the sound and transitions tonight and then the overlay, colour correction and any effects tomorrow. But that is just one edit of the film. There is still some stuff I wanna play with but I’ll have a watchable version I’ll be happy to show people on Friday

That’s really all to say about Fear of Living for the time being, when I’m happy with a finished product I’ll be able to hit you up with loads of info!

But, if you notice the title I mention NerdyNorth Productions and there have been some advancements there. See I found a list of short film ideas I had, and I have a few to add to it. So expect me to have a few scripts coming up soon, but I’ll talk about them when I decide which ones I am going to go ahead with.

But, we now have a twitter! And facebook! And YouTube! Subscribe, Like, Follow and such.

Yet again it’s a short post but hey what ya gonna do?

But lets add on an extra bit. I’ve mentioned Scrub Club Records before right?

Well, while I was doing the prep for this film I was listening to THIS album from Untested Methods. They just brought out a new remix album and although I haven’t had a chance to listen I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

OK, that’s really it. Peace out peeps!


Nerdcore – A Beginners Guide

Posted: June 23, 2010 by xGHOVOx in music, nerdcore

So, now Nerdcore officially hit the UK shores a few weeks back I felt this would be a good time to tell any new followers of the genre what there is…

So, what is Nerdcore?

Nerdcore is basically rap about Nerdy things, or from a Nerds point of view. You can say I’m wrong and try to put more on but down to basics that’s it. Take away the ‘Nerd’ and replace it was ‘Gangsta’ then you get Gangster Rap and that is rap about gangster things from a gangsters point of view. BOOM! Defined!

Just like any genre it didn’t come out of nowhere, people will say that MC Frontalot invented the genre and while I can say he is the Godfather of the genre, he didn’t invent it, really. He gave the genre it’s name (Via is 2000 song “Nerdcore Hip-Hop”), and even helped it reach people on a wide scale, but chances are there were people in the late ’90s rapping that we didn’t know about and still don’t.

Who is Nerdcore?

This is quite a sensitive question, some people don’t like being put into a box and labelled a nerd. But anyway I think we have about 3 generations of artists at the minute. There is the first generations, and these are the ones that just did it. The 2nd generation were the ones that were inspired by Generation 1 and followed them. And the 3rd Generation is anyone that comes about now. So, who counts as what?

MC Frontalot, MC Lars, mc chris¹ and ytcracker are who I would call the 1st Generation. They started the genre and did it themselves

Beefy, Schaffer The Darklord, Zealous1 and hundreds of others are the 2nd Generation. They were inspired by the 1st Generation

And anyone that comes about from 2010 onwards are who I would call the 3rd Generation

Now, I’m not saying I’m right, hell Jesse Dangerously pre-dates them all It’s not even that important, just a thought.


Here’s the great thing about Nerdcore, there is a lot of it. And a lot of it is free. Wanna get started? Check out artists websites and see if they have some free tracks. mc chris only recently took down is first (free) EP ‘Life’s A Bitch And I’m Her Pimp’ from his website but I’m sure you can find it somewhere. Beefy has his first few EPs available for free. MC Frontalot‘s website has all his singles for free as well as a lot of live and older stuff free too. MC Lars has some free stuff, ytcracker has a few albums for free, both solo and with his group spamtec.

If you like some of the stuff but not so much of the others, don’t think that’s it. Head over to here and, what’s this? 13 compilations albums? 15 discs worth of stuff? And it’s all free? Well, how could you say no? Hell if ya don’t like it, ya trash it. You’re not losing anything by giving it a try and you could find yourself into artists you would of never heard of, but that’s not all; I mentioned I was doing a thing called GainHP which is run by a non-profit record label called Scrub Club and if ya go there you will be able to get a shed load of free music from all their artists. And trust me, just ’cause it’s free doesn’t mean there’s no production value. And that’s not the end of it, there are loads of other artists out there, you will be able to find a lot of free stuff out there, head over to the main Rhyme Torrents page and you will find pages of free albums available and if ya find stuff you like. Then heard over to iTunes search for some artists and buy some stuff, because lets face facts these guys have put a lot of work into a really underground genre that for the most part get very little money (being a geek ain’t cheap ya know!).


I have only supplied a beginners amount of stuff here for you, the Nerdcore world may not be big or popular at the minute but trust me it’s full of variety and there is plenty of it. The best place to go for news on nerdcore and Geek Music in general would be hipster, please +1, he even does his own podcast you can find on iTunes called Radio Free Hipster that can introduce you to even more artists.

If you like what you’ve heard for free, trust me theres more of it out there, it just takes a bit of looking and please also think about buying the CDs, wither in hard copy or over iTunes and spread the word.

Like I said I haven;t given you the whole lot and if you like hard enough you very possibly could find your new favourite artist. I’ve been into nerdcore since 2005, my first taste was when Beefy released The Whitesecan EP, which then led me onto mc chris and MC Frontalot and then the whole world got opened up for me but only this year I got into artists like Dr. Awkward and Schaffer The Darklord who I’d heard before but just didn’t pay attention to.


Beefy – With Sprinkles review

Posted: June 16, 2010 by xGHOVOx in album, music, nerdcore, Review

Beefy is considered by many the rightful heir of the Nerdcore throne from MC Frontalot. He’s one of what I’d call the “Second Generation” of nerdcore. So, what’s his 3rd album like?

I got into Beefy back when he was doing a webcomic. Shortly after he released The Whitesecan EP, which was my gateway into nerdcore itself. This, his 3rd full length album is probably his best, filled to the tip top with references, ‘phat beats’ and wicked rapping by Beefy, and do I detect a return to his roots? Some of the way he sings some choruses heavily remind me of those first 2 EPs (Whitesecan and nerd.).

Track By Track

Up, Up And Away

This song is just sweet. In a nice way, it’s a nice soft album opener

None Of Your Business

Quite a bluesy undertone over this fast as fuck track. Really gets your heart rate going.

Duh-nuh Nuh-nuh Nuh-nuh

Sound it out. You know what it is. A real “Geek Power” track that really can get dancing.

Game Store Girl

A nice slow romantic song that seems like a re-imagining of ‘David’s Sister’. One of the best songs of it’s type in the genre.

Geek Out

The second ‘Geek Power’ track on the album seems to really show the power of Beefy’s lips. (Innuendo much?) And kinda just puts everything that it means to be a geek out there.

Ones & Zeroes [f. Ytcracker]

A bit more serious sounding this one. But filled with this weird silly stuff under the beat. Might take a bit of listening to get used to.

Join My Guild

Another soft one here. Kinda obscure but nice to chill out to.

Different Language

Beefy’s ‘Ode to Nerdcore and Nerd Culture’. Truly lovely and one of my favourite on the album.


The ‘Interlude’ is a quick rap about video games. Possibly would of worked better at the start of the album.

Press Start

Quite a brilliant aggressive game track. Can really get you pumped before a game And you can really hear how much Dual Core had to do with the track


Another great track to dance to. Someone get on making a dance for this. Like now.

Give Me My Gun

At this current time I love Dr. Awkward. And this track just reminds me why. Hearing him bring his R&B style to Beefy’s nerd style is a brilliant mix

Small Times

A straight up album track. Bit of filler I feel, but guests STD and Epic-1 make me glad it’s hear.

Feature Creep

I get this song in multiple ways. But does feel a bit lacking…


this song just feels a bit different. Is The Beef experimenting a bit?

One Of These Nights

There we go! A great song to bob and sing along to!


Remember Saturday Mornings when you were a kid? Then this song is for you. MC Lars bringing it back to his boys here.

So Far Gone

Bit of a different topic here, but takes me back to his cover of mc chris’ ‘Carebear’. Seems like Beefy is breaking out of nerdcore… okay not really but he tried, maybe.

So overall it could be Beefy’s best album to date, but does kinda go off after the Interlude track (Player), but comes right back for those last 3 tracks. But yeah, those songs aren’t bad at all, they just aren’t as good as that first half. With ‘None Of Your Business”, ‘Geek Out’ and ‘Ones & Zeros’ really being the stand out tracks for me, and the letdowns being ‘Feature Creep’ and ‘Sidekick’

As a person who enjoys concerts, music and the whole mess that comes with it, the chance to go to my first Nerdcore show just filled me with delight, so. How did it go? Well…

The first band on was local Mersey Boys the Mortiboyz. I wasn’t here to see them and didn’t know who they were so I decided to grab a pint and chill out while I watch them. Now lets just get started this band aren’t really my thing, but nontheless they were pretty good. They really got the crowd going, including a quick small and wimpy mosh pit (did I mention almost all the gigs I’ve been to have been for Metal bands?). But the band did have 4 major flaws I wanna point out.

  1. We are talking about a Mersey band. When they talk they have that thick scouse accent that scares me, but when they started to sing … Is that cockney? I know of people that completely lose all accents when they sing and some that keep them. But never seen a band that changes it. And that kinda annoyed me, it was just off putting and leads into…
  2. Think of some of the big bands to come out over the past decade… Arctic Monkeys, The View and other British Indie bands. This band sounded too much like a mesh of all them. There was nothing unique here and when I see a band (especially one I know nothing about) I wanna see something different to get me interested in the first place.
  3. I haven’t mentioned so far but … I live in a small town called Kinmel Bay in North Wales. I traveled to go see this gig in Liverpool. Thats about a 43 Mile drive if your lucky. These guys felt like a local band, and I know, to them this was a local gig, but I traveled 1 1/2 hours on the train. I need to be made to felt like I traveled to see an international band.
  4. This leads on from that fact they felt and treated this like a local gig rather than a gig that could get their name out. They were very full of themselves. Now that could come from the fact they were surrounded by what looked like friends and the local fans. You may like to think of it as confidence but, to me it was just pure “We are awesome. No argument”

And that’s it really, they weren’t bad. They were good, not great. My problems above stem from personnel preference, but then again, I’m not their crowd. If I like the early 2000s British Indie scene then they may be the thing for you. Just about 5 years too late.

Well, what can I say. It was 2000 when he released the song “Nerdcore Hip-Hop”, 2005 when he released his first album, 2004 when I started listening to him. The waiting for a nerdcore artist to come over to the UK has been immense for me. (I know, MC Lars and stuff but that’s another post) So as the first one to step on to our soil and tour properly, how was he?

There is no way to describe it. Lets just go through how all this went. We were stood about 3 rows back, and found out the 3 guys behind us and 1 beside were also here to see him, so we had this collective in the middle of the crowd of fans. He walked on stage, fiddled with something. Us 5 went nuts, the audience was confused. It happened twice more. Then Brendan B. Brown appeared and started talking. He mentioned that the next act “Invented Nerdcore Hip Hop out of nothing” The crowd was still confused. Then he appeared. He quickly said he wanted to make a dance hit and it needed a weird name. He went with ‘Margaret Thatcher’ This is a liverpool crowd. They ate that stuff up. They found it hilarious. And MC Frontalot had just landed in Liverpool. His next song “The Pr0n Song” was a very well thought out choice for him, the crowd found it hilarious and he had won them over.  He ripped on through a set filled with old songs like “Charity Case” and “I Hate Your Blog” and some of the newer stuff like “Final Boss” and “Spoiler Alert”. By halfway through his set he had the crowd won over. They just got him. Which was my biggest fear, that people just wouldn’t understand it. At the halfway pint he pulled out Wheatus themselves. Which was brilliant to watch.

I could go on and on about Front’s set, but I’m a Nerdcore fan and so slightly biased. But when Wheatus were done and we were leaving, Front was getting a fair bit of attention. I think that truly shows that he made his mark and I’ll be honest, I really really enjoyed watching him. He turned live music into a very enjoyable event. Those people who looked at us 5 who were cheering at nothing, they knew what we were cheering at and they cheered too. The Front has landed.

Well, what can be said about Wheatus? We all heard of them at the same time and unless you were about 15-16 at the time then you wouldn’t of really followed them. I was 10 and so didn’t know know what to expect. It was actually pretty fun. Brendan was a funny as a frontman and really kept everyone interested. I mean really funny, the thing with the Whiskey bottle was brilliant. And they really played off the audience and expectations. In a way they knew they had one song everyone knew, and they liked to remind us of that, and really played it up. But in a good way, because they played up all the songs I didn’t know (Although everyone else did). The fact us they were really fun to watch and listen to, seemed like genuinly nice guys and I will be on Amazon looking up their album prices.

If you can get there easily, I would recommend going to see them. I wouldn’t travel that far again to see them or pay much more than I did. But that’s just my preference to the band.

Overall the night was great fun. MC Frontalot remained the highlight for me and I think he turned some heads. Wheatus really suprised me in how much I actually enjoyed seeing them. If any of you are reading this, look into Wrexham on the next tour and I could be seeing you again!


P.S I’m no photographer (Hell, Loza took most the photots) but here is some photots of MC Frontalot’s set, and some just from the fact we were in Liverpool: