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Fear Of Living Update/NerdyNorth Productions

Posted: September 15, 2010 by xGHOVOx in album, Film, music, nerdcore

OK so, last week I told you about a little short film I was doing called ‘Fear of Living’ well on Friday it was filmed. And was possibly the smoothest filming I’ve done to date. We started about 11:30 and were out by about 4:30. I started the edit on Monday and the whole thing just came together perfectly. I only did half an hour and sorted out the two longest scenes last night. I’m just sorta taking it slow (Very slow, I’d normally be done by now) and making sure everything is perfect. I should be done by Friday if everything goes to plan, which is to do the sound and transitions tonight and then the overlay, colour correction and any effects tomorrow. But that is just one edit of the film. There is still some stuff I wanna play with but I’ll have a watchable version I’ll be happy to show people on Friday

That’s really all to say about Fear of Living for the time being, when I’m happy with a finished product I’ll be able to hit you up with loads of info!

But, if you notice the title I mention NerdyNorth Productions and there have been some advancements there. See I found a list of short film ideas I had, and I have a few to add to it. So expect me to have a few scripts coming up soon, but I’ll talk about them when I decide which ones I am going to go ahead with.

But, we now have a twitter! And facebook! And YouTube! Subscribe, Like, Follow and such.

Yet again it’s a short post but hey what ya gonna do?

But lets add on an extra bit. I’ve mentioned Scrub Club Records before right?

Well, while I was doing the prep for this film I was listening to THIS album from Untested Methods. They just brought out a new remix album and although I haven’t had a chance to listen I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

OK, that’s really it. Peace out peeps!



Beefy – With Sprinkles review

Posted: June 16, 2010 by xGHOVOx in album, music, nerdcore, Review

Beefy is considered by many the rightful heir of the Nerdcore throne from MC Frontalot. He’s one of what I’d call the “Second Generation” of nerdcore. So, what’s his 3rd album like?

I got into Beefy back when he was doing a webcomic. Shortly after he released The Whitesecan EP, which was my gateway into nerdcore itself. This, his 3rd full length album is probably his best, filled to the tip top with references, ‘phat beats’ and wicked rapping by Beefy, and do I detect a return to his roots? Some of the way he sings some choruses heavily remind me of those first 2 EPs (Whitesecan and nerd.).

Track By Track

Up, Up And Away

This song is just sweet. In a nice way, it’s a nice soft album opener

None Of Your Business

Quite a bluesy undertone over this fast as fuck track. Really gets your heart rate going.

Duh-nuh Nuh-nuh Nuh-nuh

Sound it out. You know what it is. A real “Geek Power” track that really can get dancing.

Game Store Girl

A nice slow romantic song that seems like a re-imagining of ‘David’s Sister’. One of the best songs of it’s type in the genre.

Geek Out

The second ‘Geek Power’ track on the album seems to really show the power of Beefy’s lips. (Innuendo much?) And kinda just puts everything that it means to be a geek out there.

Ones & Zeroes [f. Ytcracker]

A bit more serious sounding this one. But filled with this weird silly stuff under the beat. Might take a bit of listening to get used to.

Join My Guild

Another soft one here. Kinda obscure but nice to chill out to.

Different Language

Beefy’s ‘Ode to Nerdcore and Nerd Culture’. Truly lovely and one of my favourite on the album.


The ‘Interlude’ is a quick rap about video games. Possibly would of worked better at the start of the album.

Press Start

Quite a brilliant aggressive game track. Can really get you pumped before a game And you can really hear how much Dual Core had to do with the track


Another great track to dance to. Someone get on making a dance for this. Like now.

Give Me My Gun

At this current time I love Dr. Awkward. And this track just reminds me why. Hearing him bring his R&B style to Beefy’s nerd style is a brilliant mix

Small Times

A straight up album track. Bit of filler I feel, but guests STD and Epic-1 make me glad it’s hear.

Feature Creep

I get this song in multiple ways. But does feel a bit lacking…


this song just feels a bit different. Is The Beef experimenting a bit?

One Of These Nights

There we go! A great song to bob and sing along to!


Remember Saturday Mornings when you were a kid? Then this song is for you. MC Lars bringing it back to his boys here.

So Far Gone

Bit of a different topic here, but takes me back to his cover of mc chris’ ‘Carebear’. Seems like Beefy is breaking out of nerdcore… okay not really but he tried, maybe.

So overall it could be Beefy’s best album to date, but does kinda go off after the Interlude track (Player), but comes right back for those last 3 tracks. But yeah, those songs aren’t bad at all, they just aren’t as good as that first half. With ‘None Of Your Business”, ‘Geek Out’ and ‘Ones & Zeros’ really being the stand out tracks for me, and the letdowns being ‘Feature Creep’ and ‘Sidekick’