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Posted: September 24, 2010 by xGHOVOx in Film, music, nerdcore

Hey guys!

So things have been quite hectic over here at NerdyNorth the past few weeks. Fear of Living is pretty much coming to a close on Post-Production, I showed a cut to Robin on Tuesday and he had a few changes so I’ve been working on those and now we have 3 different cuts I’m showing to him tomorrow, then when it’s just touching up some minor errors before we start shooting it around to people!

So, now for the title of this here post; we have quite a few projects coming up. And when I say quite a few, I mean a lot. Quite a few would describe what I’m going to be doing with Robin (who penned Fear of Living) and some people he (/we) knows. I’m not really too sure if I can talk about them ATM so I’ll leave it at this; theres a few of them, they all vary quite a bit in style and what they are so watch this space and Robin’s blog for more info!

The other upcoming projects are some of my own. I recently came across some old script ideas I wrote down once and I’m starting to put some of them together into stuff I can actually make. Most of these are short films (some longer than others) but three aren’t.

The first is COLOURFUL. I’ve mentioned this before and it’s a feature script I’m writing. Very slowly and at time of writing it’s very rough, very long and needs serious changing, but that’s kinda the point of this project.

The second is TRAINS. This is my ultimate pet project, I have a history with this script and even though I am constantly adding to it and to be honest it’s ready to film. BUT like I said this is a pet project so I wouldn’t really consider making it until I’m 100% happy with the script and I have money to actually do this properly. So it could be made any time between next week or 10 years. I can’t promise this means it’ll be a good film, nut I can promise it will be made and it’ll be made with people I trust and know. The idea now with it is to wait until I’ve worked a few jobs and then bring in EVERYONE I’ve worked with to take part.

The Nerdy Truth!

The final project doesn’t have a name yet, but it’s really something that’s come to me over the past few days.

I’m a geek. This blog is called NerdyNorth and I operate under the production name of NerdyNorth Productions, so you may have got the idea that I’m a bit geeky. And because of this I’ve had two sort of half projects in the back of my mind for months. One is a documentary about Geekdom in it’s full. Every part of what it means to be a geek. The second is a comedy series that shows geeks properly. We’ve always been sort of stereotyped in mainstream TV shows and I don’t think it betrays us properly, so I had the idea of writing something that would.

Now, none of these I think would really work on there own. So, lets put them together. A project that is half documentary about being a geek, half narrative comedy. Now I know this is kinda weird, but just think about it for a second. You have someone explaining comics, and why they appeal to us, and then we have a scene showing it in a comedy narrative that will go on to be a story.

Here’s why I’ve posted this on here; I need some help, in every way possible, I need help writing both sides of the project. I’m not all knowledgeable and so I need people to help me pick what goes in it what what to say about it. On the flip side, I’m not a very good writer, and I’m not funny so anyone that feels like writing a comedy series with lots of nerdy references and jokes the this may be the job for you! If you’re interested just because you work on one side doesn’t mean you have to work on the other but it also means you are limited to one side.

The final part of my Nerd project. I wanna make the music on this special, special as in I wanna use particularly nerdy music. I want nerdcore and lots of it. I want geeky rock (In the JoCo/Marian Call/Paul & Storm vein) and lots of it. I want this to be a project geeks can look at and be proud of as a way to describe them and their lifestyle perfectly.

So if you have any interest in being part of THIS nerdy project please, hit me up! Email me at: nerdynorth@gmail.com or on twitter: @nerdynorth

That’s all for now, so, please hit me up!



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