The Fear Of Living

Posted: September 9, 2010 by xGHOVOx in Film

Have I mentioned this before? I must of… anyway, in case I didn’t!

The Fear Of Living is a short film I’m doing with my old film tutor Robin Bell, who you should follow on Twitter! He is @robinbellwriter! Anyway, because I’m no good at this, here is the Synopsis lifted straight from the blog (Also, go check that out and spread the love!)

“A man alone, awakes to noises. It is the day he has been informed that he is to die. Nervous and shaken by proceedings he decides to film his last day, but what wants him dead, and is it something he can defeat?”

Interested? You should be! Check out Robin on Twitter and his blog (linked above) and also my Twitter and on here! And the Film’s blog (Above, again) for any developments and news! So, lets talk about it..

It has one actor, we have hired a guy called Ziad El-Hady from If you are interested go check out THIS and watch the clips titled : ‘The Fear of Living’ and ‘2’ they are his audition tapes and will give you a bit of a clue into the film!

It’s no budget so we are using my old JVC handycam to film it on (It’s 11 years old, the batteries only work when they want to and the lens/viewfinder has shit stuck inside it. I love it!) and only using what we can find (Or what I can lug on the train) as props and equipment.

Pre-Production has been done over the past few weeks and we are going to be filming tomorrow! (DUN DUN DUN) In case you’re interested that’s Friday the 10th of September 2010. I’m still doing my last minute checks, hence why I don’t really wanna say too much. So, what can you see it? Umm, possibly never. I think the plan is to go to a few short film festivals over here in the UK with it, so feel free to come along if you live in the UK and support us! You may get to see some extra stuff, just for you guys and I’m sure we’ll be able to put up some stuff from tomorrows shoot for you over the coming days. But wanna see something now? You do? Awesome Sauce!!

This is my copy of the script. NOITE: My scribbles tell me stuff

A random page with more of my scribbles on. Without them I’d forget to say things and would be a pretty crappy director

A blurry image from the last page of the script. That doodle reminds me of how to do something both on filming and during post production.

This is my rough time table for the day, including a part of my equipment list

And that’s all your getting for now! Theres a couple of reasons why this is quite a big project for me personally

1. I had nothing to do with the writing, like, nothing. For the first time. All of my other projects have either been written by me (Morning Talk. and House of Pr0) or I;ve been involved with the writing (All others). So for me to take on somebody else’s hard work as a director is quite big for me.

2. It was written by Robin. He taught me a lot about films and I don’t wanna let him down. he was my tutor in Deeside College for my A2 year in film marked a scene I wrote once.

3. It was written by Robin. He knows horror and knows what looks good and what works. I’d take a recommendation on a film from him and rush out to get it right away!

4. It’s a piece of work I do that could be shown to lots of people I don’t know. That’s scary for me, I don’t have a lot of confidence in my work and so hope people don’t trash me that much!

5. This is really my first short out of people a student. If it’s bad, I can’t blame it on being a ‘Student Film’

That’s about it for this news about NerdyNorth Productions…

Spread the word! Post links in your twitter, facebook, anything. Hit me up if ya got some questions and I hope you enjoy whats coming on! So yeah, please spread the word and hopefully you will get a chance to watch the film. I don’t wanna make films for money, I wanna make films because I love doing it


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